Journey 167: The RAIN

It is January and it is already raining which portends a bad omen for all mankind. This means disaster looms at every corner and if we are unprepared, then the disaster becomes traumatic and an endless cycle of finger-pointing starts yet again. But in retrospect, let us examine ourselves, our behaviour and how we get to where we are at the moment. Decades ago, when our forests are still abundant of trees and not much commercialization of lands, water levels are normal, world’s temperature are at controllable levels and human activity are thus, in congruence with nature. Man and nature co-exist as we say.

But now, man’s greed for development which has not be safeguarded with safety measures and extractions of soils, whether in the mountains or seas has affected the way the climate is suppose to come and go. Forest were cut-down to give way to industrialization and commercialization, lands were reclaimed in what used to be waterbeds, rivers, seas and those that placed balanced in the world. Compounding it is our reckless attitude towards environmental protection and the sustainable disposal of solid wastes and our poor implementation of environmental laws, results in disaster.

As we enter into 2011, naysayers were warning us of heavy rains and typhoons everywhere. What shall we do? What can be done? I say it is never too late to stop in our tracks and start loving the environment and nature. Plant trees in the forests and other mountains, mangroves in the seashore and sustainably manage the disposal of solid waste. Now also counts our ability to prepare our people in the event of disaster. One can never be certain when disaster strikes but at least, when we are prepared the least damage to personal and real properties are seen.

The rains may come and go, it can pour down at us but no matter what, it is a blessing for those who come prepared but for those who destroys the environment and became unaware of its consequences, it opens the Pandora’s box. Ergo, let us shape up or be shaken down.

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