Journey 168: I have counted the days

Since you were gone, I have counted the days that I am alone, literally and physically alone. I just let the day pass by with simple thoughts that one day, we will be reunited. These two sentences are with me when I lost my dad and mum. These are what the families and friends of the 10 University of La Sallete nursing graduates felt and say to themselves. This is painful, yes. Is it something that is unusual? Yes, because we are used to see them all alive and jolly- now they are gone. Is this one thing that has changed us – a bit, I think every person who goes sorrowful because of the pain of losing some in death and tragedy is much of a better person in understanding LIFE more so because they have lived in its joys and in its sorrow and grief. Losing someone so dearly loved and counting the days towards its 40th and its one year is one journey that not all will want to do but has to do it – all alone and by themselves. This is why, those who were left behind – parents, friends, loved ones and family members must be united in their prayers, aspirations and hopes for those who have left us. Find the meaning of life in this passing and as each passing is likened to a leaf falling off from the tree, it will go down to the ground helplessly in the embrace of the strong wind. Each leaf carried by the wind will always be somewhere peaceful and tranquil.

When because they have all gone, let us find solitude in their absence and find deeper meaning of our love, faith, fate and hope in our lives. Life is a journey we all have to undertake and in as much as one has to find deeper meaning and purpose, living life each day is one challenge already let alone worrying too much about little issues and concern. Those 10 nurses have all lived meaningfully with you and when they have left because of the tragedy, they teach us the lessons of love, unity, faith and fate. They strengthen us to see them just as we wanted to see them through in life. Just as my poem for them, which I wrote last year will always remind me, “remember, remember just as we do”.

Let us remember them in our prayers, in our daily and constant commune with God and through them, we will become a much renewed and spiritually-balanced person.

To the families and loved ones of those 10 brave angels of ULS, I send to you my hugs and prayers. These 10 nurses are the friends I never had and in your remembrance today, I am with you. As each day passed, the more so that we must never forget that after all these, justice must be sought harder and justice must be theirs which is why I ask you not to give up on your faith until justice has been rightly served.

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