Journey 169: The Grains

Each blessing comes through to us in whatever form and shape. The sun gives us light more than we can ever need in daytime and more than we can ever wish to show at dawn. The blessings of this boy tending to the grains is somewhat left unappreciated. Every time we buy rice at the grocery store, store it and then later, cook it for our meals, we seldom look at those whose hands were used to produce these staples. Children everywhere are tasked to sun-dry grains but we seldom consider their plight. We never look upon them for added inspiration that with their labor each day, we may eat. That every farmer who tends the farm, the waters that flows through the irrigation canals, and the sun that rise up each day, these what makes our rice grow and have we ever thanked them? How many of us have ever openly thanked these factors that made us to cook our meals?

In these, have you ever thanked God for the blessings of the sun? Have you ever consider the future of every child tending to the grains in sun-drying fields? Have you consider the hardships of manly-labor that carries each sack of grains to the storehouses and how many of you ever consider their toils as you own for you to better understand how grains can fill out stomach while robbing the strength of the other. In afterthought though, one must be circumspect in appreciating life as it is lived similarly to grains being tendered to perfection by both God and man. One must never think that because they can afford to buy rice in grocery stores and these comes in sacks and carries a price-tag one can afford that no factors have interplayed prior to those grains coming into your hands. It is one whereby we can feel the community of God and man, something we least expect these times.

The grains that are sun-dried are blessed under the heavens. One must never forget that before each grain is cook to tender staple, it is sowed and harvested in God’s time and man’s sacrifices.

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