Journey 170: Being LOVED

The essence of the month of February is the feeling that our love has been validated by the day 14 in the calendar. What made it special because one, its designated as the day for love and lovers and more so, because it heralds loving as a act of surrender to the person whom you have faith on, loved more and cared the most. If we felt this as love then why do we need to over-exaggerate ourselves when February comes? I saw posts from FACEBOOK seeking for girlfriends or boyfriends, others are being emotional because of love lost along the way, and much more, others are dysfunctional because of love gained. These feelings are heightened the more on this month and what made us do this? What made us feel this? What do you think made us going to the edge to find meaning of love and being loved? – its commerce and what marketing can do to us. It weaves some utopian answers to our perplexing and complex problems. It sends the wrong signals which we also do happily receive.

Can we, for a change, love more with less? Can we share more quality time together each day we are together than just on the 14th of February? Can we share more message of sweet-nothings each minute than just be boastful about saying I LOVE YOU on the 14th of February because others are doing it? Can we kiss more serenely than joining the throngs of others in lovapalooza in every public places there are? Can we find meaning to our love, our ability to love and our opportunity to be loved by just being there when one of us needs us the most? These happens everyday and yet no one is harping it, celebrating it and putting colors to it because it is not Valentine’s day. In short, can we sustain our attitude towards love and being loved beyond the 14th of February and share more of who we are than just as what we have? If we do this, then the world will be at peace. We can be in peace and more so, we are all in peace.

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