Journey 171: The Art of Loving

Since February is the month of love so I will dwell on the topic of love on my blog.

Just as how you define love is what love meant to you. That is how simple love’s definition. There are no generalized definitions for love because it is based on people and situations where love thrives. When you fall in love, no one can ever feel how you felt about the person. No one ever sees the way you saw the person. No one ever touched your heart the same way that person touched your heart. So therefore, in love and in the art of loving, it depends on people to people and situations to situations.

Finding true love is one many of us have searched here and there. To me, the true love you felt is and will always be with you the moment you have chosen to love your special someone. I don’t believe when they say that true love never dies, yes, in such context yes but true love never rests only on the first time we love. Every time we love, that is pure and true. There are no fake loves, only true love. May be your definition of fake love is because you have been loving other people outside the ones you are with but still, you felt something towards the person that no one ever felt, although, just outside you are with, legally or presently, in a relationship.

A quick browse at FACEBOOK profile, one can find statuses there as single, in relationship, in complicated relationship and in open relationship as well as married. I am baffled why some are in “complicated relationship” while in true essence they are the ones who made it all complicated and also, why do others say they are in an “open relationship” when in fact, they are just being sexually active outside their union or vows or partnership and are highly at risk of STDs.

Then what is the art of loving? For me, the art of loving is just being true to yourself and to the girlfriend that you have or perhaps the boyfriend that you enjoy with, your husband or wife or perhaps your partner. Just being honest, kind, affectionate, caring and thoughtful makes sense when you started to count the ways why you have loved and choose to love and be loved over what has not been. When you manifestly share WHO you truly are instead of flaunting WHAT you have for love, it defines your capacity to love more and share more.

In love, it’s just a matter of how one can always share the blessings of a union or partnership by being honest to each other and also being transparent. Do not also keep a secret from the person whom you love. Respect each other’s privacy but never keep a secret for it destroys the very fiber of love. Trust will also be handy for me, I trust but verify. To sum it all up, loving and the art of loving can always be felt by many among us, we just have to open our hearts and eyes to the impending reality that we are already in love, in all forms of loving but still refuse to define it because we continually search for the right love, of course, in the wrong time.

Finally, do not just fall in love because it is February 14, instead, love every day. Most importantly, no lies please, just love.

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