Journey 172: Of Faithful Blessings

Many of our blessings are within our grasps and reach and yet we never realized it. Perhaps, we do not realize it as a blessing because there is no price tag on every blessing that arrived to us and for us. We, as human race grow in wants, define blessings mostly as those that we can hold our hands on to, like mostly, material things but never faith and such faithful blessings. We come to churches every Sunday and yet, we hear the sermons or homilies but never internalized it, every word, every meaning and so much more because it is what you came to get used to and again, no price tag because in the church it is free. But, we pay to listen to those speakers to uplift us, move us, motivate us and inspire us – again, the price tag. We do not come to appreciate the opportunity that we walk to our destination, instead we dream of our cars the way others drive, never being grateful that yours is much better because you not only tend to your health while walking, but you grow in wisdom as you see people and their circumstances while you walk pass them – again, because it is free.

Faithful blessings are those that we received based on our works on our faith and the faith on our works and, it does not have a price tag and no expiration dates. Be grateful that you have lived this long to know that you are much loved by God and those whom you call your friends and families. Be grateful that you get to breath normally like others do because the air is free. Be grateful that you are able to walk, talk and think like others do. Be grateful that you are given the courage, motivation, reason and inspiration to touch the lives of others because they too need you.

Like this photo, our faith and the faithful blessings we receive each day, in the past and in the future rest in our hands. No matter how we define blessings, those are freely lent to us as stewards. Your life, your work, your career, your house, your cars, your luxuries and everything that you have are just with you distinctly for a period of time and these are only lent to you. Sooner or later, you will get to leave them and as I even think, no matter how vastly the lands you own, in the end, you will only need a small plot to rest comfortably in peace. While we can, be grateful and while you still can, be an inspiration.

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