Poem 106: A Letter of a Young Man to God

Dear Lord Almighty
I write you to tell you how happy I am for the
Shelter, otherwise, I will be sleeping in the gutters;
Clothes, otherwise, I will be naked;
Friends, otherwise, I will be friendless and alone;
Family members, who are loving, otherwise, I will be in shelters without
Love, care, warmth, understanding and guidance

I am happy for the
Work I have, otherwise, I am unemployed;
Money I earned, otherwise, I can’t afford all the things I got;
Food, otherwise, I will be hungry;
Love, otherwise, I will be loveless, angry, hopeless and cranky…

The world as it is now
Is not something great, of course, there were aplenty
Yes, great men rise to every nation
Great nation rise over another nation
Famine, pestilence, war, hunger, dying and the destitute
This world is great but it isn’t picture-perfect
This world is not great, but see, the face of God is seen
In every man who eat less or nothing,
Who have no other but themselves;
No homes, no family, no friends, poor and dying
Wary of the world, but still striving to live instead of dying

I love you even if the world does not
People does not care
Care less but themselves
Show disrespect, uncaring attitude, no fear
Ill-will against one, hated more
People kill, murder, steal and slander
Greatness is ours, not yours
Never been yours but theirs

Churches are empty save
for the souls who rests peacefully
mourners are plenty even if death is to set free
because children die young
leaving old to act as young, societies scatter, desolate
Old generations lament
For the greatness was theirs not yours, it was never ours.
Help us, re-make us, re-carve us, reform us- we are yours.

-Wendell Glenn Cagape (January 1, 2010)

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8 thoughts on “Poem 106: A Letter of a Young Man to God

  1. gretchen

    beautifully said … 🙂

  2. joy

    it’s an eye opener especially to people who are sometimes neglect the responsibilities for mankind. I, for one, is one of them. Thank you for the making this poem…

  3. PaulML

    life is always beautiful…i have to believe in this line in order to have enthusiasm to continue this life-long struggle…God indeed is our only source of hope…He’s always here, there, everywhere….

    • Hi Paul, Thank you so much for affirming that God are always there for all of us, anytime, anywhere and yes, you are right when you said that life is always, indeed beautiful.

      God bless you my friend.

  4. Ang husay!

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