Poem 107: Like A Breeze Abiding

Our lives, as we make it
Is like the wind from the mountaintop,
Its feels us with warmth, sincerity, piety,
Care, motivation and inspiration;

As we move on with it,
We encounter
Trials, challenges, pains, sorrow, hurt, betrayal,
Friendship, sincerity, generosity and cheer
Like a breeze that’s felt

Breeze is like life
Is cold, refreshing, abiding in renewal
When one is down, stand
When one stands tall, bow down
Listen, yes, listen
Talk less, listen
Your heart speaks words
Your ears can not hear
Or your friends can not understand
Listen, like a breeze’s abiding, listen

The silence in the air
Is reflective
Listen, move on and listen
When you stumble, move on
When you are pained, learn
When you are betrayed, accept
When you are lonely, love
When you are in love, feel

Feel one’s breeze
Seldom we say we feel one’s presence
Until someone goes out or shut out
Of life and out of our midst
We felt longing when we are left
Feeling the breeze alone
Feel when you are
Love when you can
Value life as you feels the breeze
So fleeting and a freeze.

Wendell Glenn Cagape (February 8, 2010)

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