Journey 173: Children see, children do

Partly of who we are now is the product of what we have seen in our childhood. Many of us had a very fulfilling childhood while others do not. What we experience in the past will always form part of who we are in the future, needless, manifesting in the present. It is because LIFE is a journey where one can always accumulate experiences that help us become the way we want ourselves to be and help us make the best decisions in life later on.

When you, as an adult in the family shout, slap, scold, hurt and physically abuse anyone while the children see it, you are also creating a monster in them. Firstly, children cry but at the very least, they started to build on hate and misunderstanding which will always resurface in their lives as they grow. Which is why, some fathers and mothers, were not treated rightly so by their children when they grow old because of what they had shown of themselves in the past. We have mistakes, we get angry at times, disappointed at life and more so, disillusioned but we can never stop from loving ourselves first and then showing to our children what we can do to make a change, not a scene. We can show them what we can to make our families better than anyone’s family out there by being calm, compose, honest, forgiving and with healthy resolutions of conflicts and disagreements. We can never afford to show to our children our animal instincts least we wanted them to grow like us – pained and uncultured animals.

Yes, what children see, they do. Let us show them that we are better than anyone on earth and that they deserve our family more than they could ever wished for. Let us show then more love and affection, trust and confidence. Let us show them responsibility and accountability – with that, all will be well in the future. If we win the children, we definitely win the future!

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