Poem 108: A Letter of a Young Son to God

Dear Lord, the Father of our Nation

May I ask a question that matters to all and every nation?
Just as when life starts and life suppose to end?
Many contend that it is on the conception, some are verged on implantation
Others, contend that it is prior to abortion
But when really is LIFE suppose to begin?

Is life something one has
To make, believe, protect, uphold, support and aid?
Is life something one has
To affirm, stand firm and confirm?
Or is life at the mercy of those in wanton disgrace
Of men and women, trying to erase even the science of conception and of race;
The powers of LIFE are threatened even when living in itself does indeed shorten;

I know LIFE starts with love and a union
Blessed with the powers to make, mend and procreate
Children come out of this world to make amends,
Just as we do from past to end
LIFE to me is mending the bend and walking through the bend
Therefore, life starts at conception perhaps even after every union spent
LIFE then starts, making springtime for a lifetime;

But how does one maim children
Who are tamed and esteemed?
These are your children, yours and ours innocent;
But how can one afford to end
As if LIFE’s journeys has to end?

Some people jostle to end
LIFE as we race even through the smokescreen
Solons mend the bend
Even if they took the stand of those who oppose life to no ends
Stop this, O Lord stop this to no end
I want a LIFE that starts from the beginning but not in the end.

– Wendell Glenn Cagape (February 6, 2011, inspired by the movement against the RH Bill)

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3 thoughts on “Poem 108: A Letter of a Young Son to God

  1. gretchen

    life and love are the two foundations of what a person will become … thanking God for giving us life and loving us with no end … 🙂

  2. Fr. Elmer Quizon

    fuck you and your bullshit poem.

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