Journey 174: By a Snail’s Pace

Many of us complained of life that is worst, unrelenting with challenges and trials and more so, filled with disappointments along the way of each journey. Does the snail think this way too? Perhaps but as one sees through how a snail has to crawl pass everything that can potentially harm him, he was undeterred. He itch its way slowly, passing through every kind of terrain, sandy, stoned, grassy and hot-filled cement or asphalt but does he complained too much as we do? No. He remains humbly itching on, moving on and reaching its destination with much praise. Even shells which are always heavy for their the snail’s size is carried through all throughout the journey, it is never heavy for someone who needs shelter after life’s storms. Does the snail ever complain that their shells are not as huge or fancy or shiny as those of others? No, they do not. They accepted their fate as it comes and carry on with life as it does, just like everyone does.

The journey of life demands from us the vitality and stamina that is similar to a snail. Sometimes, as we walk, we encounter encumbrances that are so utterly heavy and challenging but will we stop at it, and surrender? I dare say NO, we should not. Like snails, we must tread on further, earn new experiences and learning from LIFE as we journey on. Our loads are lighter when we carry along us in our journey, friends and families who are always ready to push us when we need motivation, cheer us when we are downtrodden and lift us up when we are down and spiritless.

Like snail’s pace, let us remember that God allows us to itch to our destination with much ease when we are with HIM, after all, like leaving footprints on the sand, when we are wary, God can always carry us through and you will be renewed as the new you.

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