Journey 175: As the glass take its fullest

In life, one has to be asked if their glasses are half-full or already half-empty. With this, it is hard to find meaning to life’s journey when the philosophical questions are raised of whether we have lived fully or not. What really matters in life is not on our ability to live longer but on the quality of people whom we have touched, inspired, moved and helped. There are many opportunities for us to become better versions of ourselves. These opportunities are the ones that we have to maximize to make our glasses full.

As life move through its journey too, one has to always make sure that their glasses are refilled. It is through this that one can always openly share whatever it is with them and in them. If we have more to share about who we are, not much about what we have, then the journey has to be in such fashion that ours is something one can always reflect on and learn from us and our journey. Our life as we live it is a mirror image of who we truly are.

If we truly wanted to be somewhere with those whom we loved and cared deeply, then start working on it now, for tomorrow may never come. It is in this dictum that our glasses have to be refilled regularly for us to better live well for us to also inspire well.

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