Journey 176: When we are all fishers

Even if we are just ordinary men and women living ordinary lives, we are bound to fishers of men. We are created to the very purpose and image of our Father in Heaven and so our journey in life should be one that must be of inspiration, hope, faith, loyalty and enthusiasm to create greatness by doing random acts of kindness. Our kindness today to even strangers will have something to be reaped tomorrow. We are, as we live our lives, duty bound to make ourselves available for others, be an inspiration even in our most pressing time, be the light of the world even if we are also struggling for our own light at the end of the tunnel. Be the guidance even if we are in need of one too. It is by doing so that we can be better stewards of God’s creation and that of our brother. We are destined to be our own brother’s keeper and as we struggle each day, never forget that ours is a life that is with a purpose and destination.

The manner we reach at our goals in life is akin to a journey off to sea or lake, with one wooden boat each journey. Can you steer it to shore alone or can you better steer it with someone else? Our lives, as we journey with it are more meaningful when it has to be shared with those whom we inspire and sought for inspiration. In fact, life’s journey is made more meaningful when it is with someone in the family or among friends; it gives more vibrancy to the sullen state of challenges and trials. When our journeys are done with those whom we cared so much, it gives us colors not monotonous hues of gray. That is the power of life and its journey, the more it is shared the more it is the beckon of hope and inspiration for others.

When you share part of who you are to others, you make for them a wonderful experience no one can ever replace. You make for them a journey that both of you will ever reminisce for more days and years to come. Like fishers of men, one must journey not alone out to sea but with those whose company we all cherished and love.

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