Journey 177: The Guidance

In each walk we take in our life’s journey, we take hold of the guidance of our parents or those of whom we sought guidance and protection and of course, as we should, we asked for guidance from our Lord. As we journey on in life, such guidance is necessary because even if we gained ripened stature based on our age, there are pathways seemed not clear, no direction where to after each bend and much more, the road may be slippery for our own balance. Guidance as we have defined it, must be sought regularly. We can never say we are already old and have matured that we let go of guidance. If we ever do let go of guidance, then the problem of misunderstanding, miscommunication and prejudices comes into through in every journey.

Like the road we travel each day, guidance provides clear vision where to next. If we are guided, then our decisions are solidly and flatly on the ground despite its slippery state. We can hold our ground and confidently walk pass through life’s challenges and the temptations of idleness because we knew where we are heading towards in each step we take.

Even the leaves that fall behind our every journey will understand us better if we are properly guided by God in all our journeys and decisions. One must never frown at how guidance can play a crucial role in our lives even if we are in our twilight years or even as we still grow in knowledge. It is because the experiences we gained in each passing journey is always accentuated by the manner we take hold of the guidance given unto us and how we also regularly sought guidance through.

So while you still can, value guidance you receive. Ponder on it well and journey on.

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