Journey 178: The beauty that we all hold

Some beauty are just skin deep as they say and I agree. Everything in us are just fleetingly skin deep. No matter how hard we impressed upon ourselves that we are much better than anyone sitting next to us in the train, in the park, in the supermarket and in the office. Real beauty is those that everyone holds because it can never be seen but it can only be felt. One attribute of beauty is that it makes people feeling it more secured and reassured. One of the few we get to keep for life is our inner beauty which radiates to those who feels us.

When we are honest about ourselves and our work, our commitment to others, our service and our care, then our beauty is heightened in so much as those that will be felt by those whom others have not because they are still living in their self-absorbed and self-centered definition of beauty. They thought that what one sees in the outside are what that matters but really, essentially, what matters is what we keep hidden inside our hearts. Real beauty resides there.

Our beauty is like a single flower amidst the hands of those who hold us. We may never knew how we have inspired them until we are all gone in this world. Unfortunately, even if we have cared as much and inspired as much, we seldom hear people openly saying they were inspired by us or those that we cared to do for them while we still smile and nod at their heartfelt expressions. Mostly so, we just tend to be emotional about those who have inspired us and lead us to a better “we” after they have gone to rest. While you still can, let your beauty radiates to those whom you have touched and inspired and similarly too, if you had been inspired by those around you, say “thank you, you have inspired me” and “I am inspired by you” now before it is too late.

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