Letter 101: Letter from US President Bill Clinton

Back in 1996, I started a hobby that will make me understand the complexities of the world order than any average university student my age then. It started as a hobby which finds its way to my regular write ups and correspondence with the most powerful people around the world.

Today, I will feature them in my blog for the first time. I have had their letters with me and my collection since then has been well preserved.

First, I will feature here the letter and the official photograph of then US President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton known popularly as Bill Clinton.

We have exchanged correspondence since 1996 and until in 1999. I shared my opinions to him regarding some matters like as far and deep as the South China Sea dispute and the Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and the US.

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2 thoughts on “Letter 101: Letter from US President Bill Clinton

  1. What an amazing hobby to have, thanks for sharing! Its inspired me to start doing the same, although I imagine there are a lot of letters which go unreplied! So far Ive only written to and recived a reply from Vince Cable (My local MP), Ben Bradshaw, for a school science project on Bird flu years ago! And Boris the BJ Johnson! Better Up the Antie!

    • hahahaha you will get to where you want through those letters Sammy. I started in 1996 and I have gotten to stop few years back but I am not going back at writing and corresponding with them. So much has happened in the world, I have to write again.


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