Poem 109: When I was brave and strong

Just as when I am weak and emotional, you struck me
Just as when I am slow in age that you slapped me
Just as when I am flip-flopping that you have ridiculed me;
Just as when I am just your private
I am doomed to no reputation to stake;

When I was brave and strong,
You hailed me, cheered me and clap for me
The fall of a fortress so strong,
Brought glory to the Republic which has doomed
I was part of the journey of strong
Men and women, who remained loyal to democracy and freedom, we throng
EDSA was lamenting, yet I maintained the fortress awaken but still strong
Democracy save, the republic remained strong.

As I was your servant
Was purposeful and yet headstrong
Policing, policymaking and even energy saving
I was still brave and strong

But when you accused me of something I committed of which to you
Accused me of any wrong, no more defense, no more defense
My head was strung like in a gallows I was doomed to be wrong
No more republic so strong, in your hearts, I was and am wrong
Maybe I am wrong, but bit by bit, I have helped you become strong
Many scurry favors whether it is right or wrong, I still do it for you to be strong
My republic seemed strong; abandon me when I am falsely wronged
Just as when I was brave and strong, you never accused me of doing wrong.

– Wendell Glenn Cagape (Ode to the late Angie Reyes, February 11, 2011)

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