Journey 179: Silence heals the Heart

There are moments that an unwelcome silence heals the heart, unwinds the spirit and professes the truth. For one, even in loving and living, the best part is giving. Reflect on your Valentine’s day.

This thought crosses my mind as I woke up today. Moments before and yesterday, I saw so many status posts on FACEBOOK seeking meaning of the Valentine’s Day, as if the world ends when you are single. Well, the fact of it is that Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday is too commercialized. Many spent a fortune just to have the message cut across the spectrum and that is to love “ONLY” on Valentine ’s Day. However, one must reflect, will our love and the capacity to love more be only exclusively felt on February 14? Is it not that we love more every day? Is it not that when we are in a relationship, you will never regret that you spent more time with the one you love because that is what is right? Is it not that because you love that you find deeper meaning of loving and the word LOVE?

When you are in the unwelcome silence of love, let it be and reflect on it. How do you want your love be felt? How do you want your relationship will go? How will you like your marriage to work out? How will you like your children to understand the essence of love beyond Valentine ’s Day? How do you see yourself in the whirlwind of love and in the midst of loving more of yourself that you could? See? Even in silence, one can always reflect on what kind of love one has to offer to anyone who wants it.

One must also understand that even in loving and living, the giving of one’s self is more precious than anything else. We have had all the chances in the world to share WHO we truly are and not WHAT we have in this world. Distinctly unique and more so, appropriately timed for this when you celebrate your Valentine.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 179: Silence heals the Heart

  1. Enjoyed the post. You’ve been experiencing the same on some of the FB posts?? lol

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