Journey 180: When the hearts grow asunder

This is a topic most people will be able to relate to because we all pass through this. This is not about me or her or anyone but to all of us who have experienced all the heartaches in the world of loving and living. Something I have learn listening the outpourings of a dear friend. May this thought I have on this topic helps those who had also been in her shoes.

A day after Valentine’s day is a day of reckoning. Some have feel the essence of love and the passion of being loved but to others, this is another journey that will either ends up being together forever or be separated forever. There are things and events in our lives that defines our ability to love and be loved but more so, there are moments one can cherished forever however, only in their thoughts.

As I have learned, freedom is what you lost when you fall in love but once freedom is regained, then love is ergo, lost. It is in this context that in loving, the two becomes one, so individual “independence” come secondary to the one you both shared. It is something one must understand for any relationship to work. When you demand your freedom and independence back, then you unwittingly untangle yourself from the bond that connects you together.

Something of a tip for a relationship to work out is to not hide anything. One must never hide anything or something from the one he or she loves. When that moments comes, then again, love gets affected too. It is because we believed that when the two becomes one, you see the world together, in the same vantage point, in the same scale. If one starts hiding, then he or she unwittingly sees the world in a different perspective and points of view, very much opposed to what you see together.

When the heart grows asunder, freedom and secrecy comes to the fore. Just as when you think this happens to you, then learn to move on and on. Just be very grateful you had time together, for how long are the years and months and days and hours as well as minutes, when you spend it only to end in tears and fears, then one must always remember that a brighter and better future awaits when again, your hearts grow fonder.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 180: When the hearts grow asunder

  1. gail

    This is so deep but I believe that when two are meant to be they become one in many ways… they are like two pillars that hold up a home each individually but together they accomplish the feat of holding up what they want..

    Perfect book for you Doc ” They Prophet” By Kahil Gibran … it is my bible.. you would love him..

    Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend ❤

    • Thank you Gail, yes it is. When two individuals come into as one, then by all the odds, they see things together and are together forever therefore, the freedom of one is also the freedom of the other.

      I heard of Khalil Gibran. I will look for the book Gail.

      Thank you my friend. Happy Valentine’s too. Send my regards to the entire family.

  2. Fantastic article! A must read among couples and would be couples at heart. Truly an eye-opening experience as your read-on. 10/10!

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