Journey 181: Of religiosity

When we are taught to be religious when we are young, we mimic what the older people do in churches. One can never be missing out of opportunities while growing up of these practices on Sundays and Saturdays to some. We are fond of mimicking what others do. As a child, we feel great feeling the warmth of the spirit when we enter churches, even when are of age, we still feel the same, only we have more worries to pray for.

When we are young, we see the Church as a refuge and a stronghold for peace and tranquillity – of course, minus our own worries and anxieties. When we grow older each passing day, we see the church as a bastion of hope and our source of strength when we are all bombarded by challenges, trials, worries and anxieties. Many of us flock to the church because we have favors to ask from our Lord, some about love-life messed up, some about financial freedom and debt, some about family torn apart, some about children erring away, some about our uncertain future, some our employment, some our hurts and disappointments both at work and at the home, some are about our own health and the hospital bills and lists go on but in hindsight, do we really look at our coming to churches to talk about our own spirituality? Do we seek solace in the wisdom of the Lord guiding us spiritually and forget about the things of the world?

Most often which is sad, we come to church because we have problems to seek answers to. We come to church because we wanted to pour out our disappointments, heartaches, pains, and many others of this world and never even realized that after each coming and goings, we forget the higher opportunity of coming inside the church and that is to “forget about the world” and care for our “spiritual and eternal world”. Is it not because we are too engrossed with what is in the world that we tend to forget about our own spirituality. Remember, caring for the world and what is in it through the church do not give meaning to your spirituality but of course, it provides you the conduit to be more religious. In sum, one must, by all means, take care of his or her spiritual world rather than getting peace with what is in this world. Material richness and those that give us temporal happiness is never a substitute for what is much higher – spiritual and eternal peace.

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