Journey 182: By the wheel of love I lead you

Certainly, as we go into serious and committal relationships whether that be at the on-set from courtships to marriage, one must understand the role of each one in such union. Our relationship is strengthened by the manner we see how the wheel of love takes its turn each day, each cogs making its rightful turn each time we learn of each other. The road is further ahead and the clouds are downcasts however, the power of love makes each day a brighter sunny day in spite its gloomy state.

The wheel of love is turn every time we accept how the limitations of such union entail for both parties. It is turned each time one understands and give way. It is turned each time one fully accepts the intricacies of each one and by so doing, accepting our own personal limitations through our behaviour, attitudes, manners and even our choices and perspectives of life. One must also understand that for it to work well, the two must take turns turning the wheel further on and it is called give and take attitude. When confronted with critical decisions, both couple must consult each other, respect how they see their union go and support each other.

Sadly too, in so many relationships and even in marriage, the couples just ignore that there is what we call the wheel of love and understanding. Instead, we fight for who is the highest voice to be heard, whose idea is the brightest and we even compete for who is the one driving the relationship. In sum, at the end of the day, one must never infer who the boss in such union is, because no one is since the two becomes one already. What the other person thinks must also be the one the other accepts and what the other accepts must also be the other respects. By that, it will not create too much complications and confusions. By it, self-respect and acceptance is what also makes the wheel turn faster and perhaps, makes the couple count the minutes, the days, the months, and the years with much to look forward to than to what stuck them in the past.

Couples, young and old must always refer to the wheel of love in leading through the dusty road to a happy and blessed union. It is of course, by the wheel of love that I lead you.

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