Journey 183: Just as they passed by

It is two months now that the nursing graduates of the University of La Sallette have gone to their rest and are in peace. Having read all the posts of loved ones that those whom they loved have visited them in their dreams just made me write another blog for them. Just as they just passed by us through dreams, they are sending the strong message that all of us, families and loved ones as well as the entire nation must never forget – that even when they are gone, they still do craved for your hugs, kisses, prayers, support and peace. Also, two months since December 19, 2010, justice is still yet to be served. Justice in the Philippines is so slow that the want for reforms and expeditious litigation of such cases are higher than expected. Emotionally, the parents and the girlfriends are forever coping up. They are just living normally and pretending to be happy but deep inside, the hurts are still fresh and the wound, I suppose never heals until justice for the 10 nurses is reached.

Even in their passing, let us never forget who they were in our lives, in your lives. They are there for mostly a good percentage of their waking days with you, talking, playing, sleeping, drinking, journeying and travelling. They are still now, only in your dreams. You, as a family and loved ones must always connect with them, they need you and your prayers. They need your constant reflection of where they were and where you are now. They need you to remember and never forget. They need you to constantly pray for them, hug them and kiss them in your dreams and even in silent reflections.

The healing process is ongoing for those whom these 10 brave nurses of La Sallette have left behind and yes, I know it is painful, it still does. No one understands death in itself and in its mystery than those who have also been left behind. No one can ever felt the need to reach out even in dreams than those who have lost a son, a grandson, nephew, and boyfriend.

As it is two months now since they left, DO NOT FORGET and always remember them in your prayers. That is the essence of the dream. They come to you and stayed with you because they knew they never left you but now, they are there to guard and guide you.

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