Journey 184: The Missing part is the hardest

Have you ever experienced having been left behind because someone has to work overseas or somewhere away from where you are? Then we shared the same fate. The hardest part is the missing part. In this time and age, many couples have opted to either have the husband/boyfriend work overseas or the wife/girlfriend work overseas. As long as the masterplan is something you both shared then no problem there but honestly, you will feel utterly left out of the loop when your most important someone is so far away from where you had been all this life.

The moment you get to place your calls, your text messages, your emails, your chat on facebook, that is the hardest part and the most excruciating of all emotional rollercoaster ride. The teardrops and the heavy heart that you feel is but naturally human, after all, when you have all the time and days together, the missing part is never there but when one of you departs somewhere, then the missing part is present and the all the clouds you see are gray. However, even in gray, the clouds have silver-lining in it.

Most importantly, at least when you get to feel how life and living is, albeit far from each other, you still feel each other. You feel how important life to both of you and you feel how magnificently you shared your dreams and aspirations together. Some dreams are forever lit up for it to bear fruit in reality and with it, come the missing part. What is practically and essentially important is that, no matter what, you hold on to your dreams together and as the plane taxies on the runway and take-off, your dreams take its flight too. Fancy yet so true. Heartfelt yet so reassuring. Meaningful yet so simply amazing.

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