Journey 185: The Angel who brought me here…

Truth of the matter is that when we love the person whom we cared so much, we do whatever it takes to make them near us. It was what I did. What started as a mundane chat on MIRC some decade ago, blossomed into a long distance love affair of love letters while we both pursued our studies. Imagine, I wrote to this lady daily that even the postman knew her already because of the pain that I put him through as my letters arrive in Tacloban City everyday. She too responded to me daily. That was mostly for four years and time I went to Manila where I pursued my Masters in Foreign Service from the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Intramuros. We stopped communicating as we never knew how to at that moment I was in Manila. I checked my email and I got her email telling me she is in Manila working for Petron Corporation.

Her humble beginnings made me appreciate her the most. She is a beauty yes, but what I appreciated in her the most is her ability to make me remain optimistic in spite what happens to me each day. She made my day fulfilled. While studying for my Masters, she supported me by encouraging me further on and I graduated with all the aces and the plum recognition of being the first to graduate in the MA in Foreign Service in the Philippine-based university. My contemporaries at that time were Luli Arroyo but she graduated from Georgetown University, similar to where PGMA graduated.

When I graduated, we became steady – which means, we dated regularly already. Watched movies, went to Intramuros and appreciating culture, attending functions and concerts at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. We also attended the annual Ramon Magsaysay Awards Night at the CCP. We are inseparable until today.

When proposing came out. I’ll be extra romantic because it meant so much for both of us. We had a church practice for our choir and dance number. I secretly went to SM Manila and bought the CD of Guy Sebastian and played our most important song together on the background – “Angel’s brought me here” and asked her to dance with me while giving her a natively wrapped gift which contained the groom-bride figure (the ones you put on top of the cake) which holds my engagement ring for her. To everyone’s surprise, I proposed to this lovely lady. All the rest fall rightly into place now.

As we journey on in our lives together, we have made decisions that includes today’s historic journey overseas. Surely, we will be reunited again and the greatest gift I will have in my life is seeing her again and embracing her in all our hearts’ desire. It is one thing I asked of God, to make us stronger in spirit to stay on the course of our dream and dream on too.

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