Journey 186: I looked UP to YOU…

This morning, I am just awestruck by the immense emotions I felt waking up thinking that my special someone is farther away from me and miles and miles apart from where I am. Just the thoughts overcome me with profound emotions. Only just the thought that I am braver each day to see through its challenges by believing that I am looking up to God who is the source of my strength and wisdom. Just as I am writing this blog, I am with so much emotions that tears cannot be helped streaming down. And while writing this, I am listening to the song of Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell who sang together this wonderful song. It encapsulates the way we are now.

I was wondering why there are people who had been so cruel in this world. Why were there people who viciously malign us to submission which is why we are where we are now. I will surely be carrying this further down the valley of renewed self-awareness that no matter what they do to me and my family, I shall stand firm and with God by my side, I will never waver in my faith and trust in the immense power of love, forgiveness and kindness.

As you may, by now, asked why I write the way I do, it is because I have met so many kind of people who inspired me. Their stories have a profound impact on me and the way I see the Lord up by my side at all times. I knew of a friend whose family was abandoned by their father and even if they begged their father for sustenance and financial assistance, the father can care less and can even afford to see his family starved with nothing much to eat. What made this worse is that his mother has breast cancer and my friend have throat cancer. This is not what I want for my family and it will never be. I will never be like that kind of father and I am grateful that my late dad was never like him.

I also had a friend who had been cruelly put-up in a house that had him sustain emotional trauma and blackmail. His story was that his mother was impregnated by the husband of her elder sister. When his mother died of giving birth to him, he was adopted by the elder sister, with whom his biological father has been married. When his father died and the adopted mum (aunt) remarries, he was adopted not as a son but as a househelp. I even heard how the adopted mother berated at him saying that he was just allowed to stay in their house because he works for them and not as a son. It’s too painful to live up in conditions like that. That made my situation now seemed lesser than what they have to endure. I knew they will find strength in God’s grace and abiding faith.

Yes, whatever station in life we live each day, we have to live it well under the grace of our Lord. Yes too, we have to look up to our Lord and not down. Even if the world make us fall down, look up! The Lord will never question us of what we have made of ourselves but rather embrace us unconditionally and welcome us fairly well into his abode. Yes, I looked up to my Lord and I know you too!

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