Journey 187: When burning candles light the paths

Back when I was still studying in different universities for my baccalaureate and graduate studies, I find solace in library and the company of books just made my journey in the academia something worthy to look back on. It’s just a month’s away and graduation will be heard, cheers and congratulatory messages will be exchanged, and much more, students feel the pressure now more than ever to finish all the required workloads, assignments, field work, book reviews, projects and thesis writing.

While we aspire for something in greater in life, it starts with you reading and absorbing what you read. It helps you so much to aspire further on in life if you are convinced that studying will get you to places no one will ever be except you. Studying further on will not only empower you but also make you the best person, the qualified person to any future endeavours. It gives you the edge and the necessary competitive advantage when you get to job interviews and much more, it opens wider opportunities for growth and expansion of self.

Our journey in education will only last so much as our careers wanted us already. When we graduate, it is incumbent upon us to show to the world that we are most qualified and we are skilled, talented and the right person to be chosen for our careers. When we graduate and having work, committing mistakes is usually rebutted with stern look or even insults because while we are studying and in school, we all have the luxury to commit mistakes. Classrooms and libraries are incubators of ideas and committing mistakes is acceptable. When you get your diploma and you cannot live up to the standards of your professions then the people around you and even the world is relentlessly unforgiving.

Ergo, while you still can, take on more knowledge, learn from life, love studying and be the best you can be. You will never realized it coming until it already hit you in the face.

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