Journey 188: By the sea, I shall be rested

There are moments in our lives that we felt that our burdens are too heavy and that the roads in our journey are too narrow that we cannot seem to find the end of it all. Yes, we have all sorts of challenges, trials, perditions and tribulations, but who are we to complain when we also allow ourselves to be in such situations. No matter what we are in, we are also responsible for what it takes and how our lives take its turn because we are, of sort, masters of our destinies. We are all wary of the way things in our careers, our loved ones, our relationships, our marriage, our friendships but have we answered the question like: Have we been extra caring and attentive to care less about the world but “us” alone? Have we been present when someone needs us? Have we invested so much emotionally towards our “home” when our homes seem to be an empty house already? Have we journeyed on together while we sort life was and is? Have we judiciously think of what is good for others and not what is good for us?

Living my friends and our lives are like waves toss in the sea. Sometimes, we can feel the breeze so peacefully and the waves so orderly but still, we see mostly, how the winds blew and the waves toss so mightily. From where we are, standing in the staircase landing and the columns were our strength, we have always had the choice to make: Stay where we are or go down to where the waves were relentlessly toss? If we go down, the consequence of getting wet is ominous. If we stay put in the landing and by the columns, we may be secure, yes, but just merely looking at the waves toss here and there, watching how it calm down after each breeze and season, the consequence of not getting somewhere but becoming mere spectators of life is also ominous. It’s a choice one must make at all cost. As for me, I will go down and feel every wave and getting wet by it is just but part of life and living because I believed that by the sea, I shall be rested.

By the sea, we all shall be rested because we have live the way life should be lived. No one ever gone out of this world worry-free, problem-free, and scar-free. All of us are subjected to all sorts of pains, hurts, disappointments, sorrow and even to horrible deaths but all of these are part of living. It is through these that we learn to value our lives the way others valued theirs. We find meaning in each step we take towards the sea of calmness and tranquility. We all are humans ergo, we must be pained to be redeemed. We must be disappointed to understand and at best, calmed.

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