Journey 189: How beautiful women be?

All women who come out of this world are born beautiful. No matter where they are, what their life’s station is and what careers they take, they are all, as I said, beautiful. Why was it that women remains so alluring in spite all the stress, chaos, and challenging the world have become? It is because they are made by God to balance the earth from the folly of men. As many would universally suggest that behind every man’s success are women. One man’s meteoric rise to everything he dreams on are all too honestly, supported by women. Women are the substance of each man’s character. Women are the sisters, daughters, girlfriends, mothers and wives any man can ever wish for.

As we value women of today, let us not forget that they too are of equal rights to men. We never aspire a society that is so chauvinistic at its worse against women. We shall never be threatened by them, instead, let us welcome their silent prayers, their approving nods, their cheers and their disappointing tears as well as fears. We are never complete as men without the women we love. We will never be complete if we neglect the women we care so deeply. Much more, we will never be in a society full of better opportunities for all if women are not around. For sure, there are more sacrifices willingly can be borne out by women than of men.

We men, must learn to appreciate our women. We can never explicitly state that our women are just “men” wooed but they are, much felt, the delicate balance that makes this world go round. No man can ever be successful without their women whom he loves so dearly. The dotting sister who easily gives in and supports us, the understanding mothers who appreciate us and the grandmother who continually pamper us. Women whose beauty far reaches even the most coveted Helen or Athena and how great is a woman? Well, one must learn from mythology as well as history that it was a woman who launch a thousand ships, a woman who made Samson weak, a woman who ruled Egypt and a woman who spied for the British and of course, was it a woman who made us believe that love is what we need to foster transparency, truth and accountability.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 189: How beautiful women be?

  1. kathleen

    i dunno what to say, you are definitely a deep man, thank you for this glenn. i love it.

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