Journey 191: When I am just a grass

Our lives are lived the way others see us, similarly like a grass. One grass that stood tall up towards the heavens are seen not in high places but in ordinary grounds whose earth are fertile because of decayed leaves that fell off the twigs of trees. Our grass when we grow up, remains to be the smallest part of the huge ground but what made our lives more meaningful is that when we stand alone, one can never appreciate its beauty but when looking from afar, the greeneries are inviting. Our lives are like that. We may be too uninteresting, boring, upfront, and out of touch with the world when we are alone but when we are mixed up with others in the crowd, our little personality is what the crowd also wants, thus, the crowd that we blend in is full of vibrant colours and not gray or black but colours of varied hues.

This grass may stand alone but through the test of times, the heavens are witness to his resoluteness and upright disposition, this grass blossoms to another living thing and whereby, creating life in itself. We can never be effective if we work alone or we stand alone. We need people who care about us, our principles and what we stand for in life and how we see life at the very onset. We need people, friends and families who share with us our joys and sadness, our victories and defeats. No one man can ever lay claim to success alone because there are so many hands, invisible and sometimes, unrecognizable, who helped him become the man that he is and who helped him achieved his dreams.

When I am just a grass, I need you to feel the span of the earth. I need you beside me, side by side so we form greenery that others can see beauty in our ordinariness and mundane nature. I need others whom I call grasses too, to fill the span of the heavens so that blessings are reflected with much gratitude and serenity. I need grasses like me to also make me feel secured and nurtured in as much as I am living like others too.

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