Journey 192: Just as We Branch

Living the life we choose to live is somewhat liken to a leaf attached to a twig. We reach out and hold on to those who are made special in our lives and those whom we valued so much. We inspire them too because in all sense, even leaves as they grow and open up, reaching out to the farthest sunshine is an inspiring and awesome sight. One must never cease to wonder in amazement why leaves are as intricately designed by God and unique in all aspects yet they all share the same colour – green. The lush influence of leaves reminds us of our own determination to be of inspiration to others who seek us, to be the abiding light to those who search for us, and to be the lamp to those who grapple in the dark. Our radiance far exceeds even our own humanity and by that, we ought to be responsive, proactive, sincere and jovial in our desires to be of help. Just as we branch, we care. Just as we branch, we dare. Just as we branch, we matter.

Some people will start asking what their real intention is and what purpose do life give them. Well, I say, living is one directional gains we human should enjoy and living purposely is another. We can always live a life that resembles to a withered leave off in autumn but we can also live our lives to the fullest that represents the sprouting leaves that seeks renewed strength, influence, stability, responsibility and much more, coherence. The purpose we seek out is one that is not made for us but it should be made by us. We need to determine firsthand what our life’s purpose is. We need to understand what we are here for and not what we are in power for. We can only understand this if we think less of ourselves and think more of those around us. We can never be certain if the life we so live now is what we truly and ever desired.

When you hit a snag, pause and ponder on. Have you inspired anyone because of who you are and not with what you have and what you can wield? Have you ever mattered to anyone not because you torment them to submission but your guidance is sublime? Have you ever made others feel better about themselves because you think of yourself less? Just as we branch, we needed air, we needed space and we needed a breather and with that, inspiring others who see us through is nonetheless in the air.

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