Journey 193: Innocence

When a child like this little boy looks up at you, with all the sincere smiles and an innocent gaze, one can never fail to appreciate life and living. It takes away our worries and wished that if only we can be a child forever. Our ability to grow maturely in our decisions, our perspectives of life changes. When we are still young, we are just content with hand-me-downs and a quick trip the playground exudes paradise. A short travel to the beach with friends elicits camaraderie and calmness as well as security. Our innocence remains as we choose to in our lives, only that our environment will not allow us to be stuck in our innocent childhood forever. When we grow up, we see life differently, we experienced life in a different manner and angle. We meet new friends and bids old ones. We meet unfortunate events and learn from it. We make amends for the mistakes we did and we share life as we live it. Can innocence then be thus maintained? I say innocence is forever reserved to a child, a younger child when we have not opened our eyes to the folly of the world and the fruits of mankind’s hard work and has never started toiling in the pains of society.

Just as when do we choose to remain in our innocent gaze? That now depends on our choices in life. One can never say also that because we are bombarded with so many negative experiences and have seen the follies of others that we lost our innocence. We lost our innocence when we so choose to life in the failures of others and ourselves and dwell in it. We lost it when we start to look at the world according to how the world is as seen in the eyes of the corrupting adult. The world as we live is near-perfect, the blooms, the scenery, mountains, the rivers, the plateau, the ice-caps, the seas and oceans, the cliff and the shallow lakes, the lagoons and the alleyways – but do we see these in just its ordinary state and not otherwise? It is when we interposes our own perspective of what is perfect in the world as defined by others, not by us, that we distort our innocent gaze.

Just like this little boy who happily spent gazing innocently at the world so huge and wide, one can always choose to look at life in its perfect state and form and refuse to vow down to the pressures of man’s definition of what the world should have been and what it will be. Let us define the world by ourselves, see them with our own eyes, feel them with our own hearts and make them most felt by serving as our gateway to fulfilled purpose.

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