Journey 194: Saying Goodbye

The most painful of anything any human can ever have to endure is to say goodbye to those whom they cared so much in their lives. Saying our byes are the twins of saying hi and hellos. Much more, when our byes are permanent already, one misses the time, the hugs, the joys, the love, and the many opportunities we all share which now suddenly becomes a figment of the past and is retained in the hallow of our hearts and minds. I have come across to say this to two important persons in my life. My late dad, in 2004 when he passed away with his last smile on me was the saddest goodbye a son could ever silently say. I was with my Mum and my future wife at that time and we were unbelievably taken aback of what had happened. Second, when my mum passed away in 2009, 5 years after my dad was gone. I brought her to the ICU and she just looked at me, reassuring me that she will be fine and I believed her. But when she was fighting for her life and the doctors were reviving her, I saw it – it tore my apart much more, the pains of losing the most valuable person in front of you, is something I did not asked. I was never ready for it to happen too soon but I was left with no other option but to tearfully say goodbye to my beloved mum. It never prepared me to say how to easily say it. Until now, the pains remain unhealed and the memories lives on. When our God took them from me, I said my two goodbyes forever. It was painful, yes, it was not easy – that I am pretty sure about. It was lonely, yes. It was meant to be – I am pretty sure about that too.

In relationships too, some couples break down and apart living but there are so many others who decided to end their lives as their relationship ends. I cannot and will not pass judgment on those who did but wished them my prayers of peace and love. This is the central message of the song by Katherine McPhee “Say Goodbye”, which reduced me to tears upon listening. As I am standing at the precipice of decisions that will have an impact on my life as well as those whom I cared and loved most, the thought of ending where I stood is never far but the prize of living further on is much greater for me. For those others, they have not seen the world as I see them so they decided to end where they stood but their love continues. It endures forever.

In this, have you had said your goodbyes? I am sure. How was it? Is it something you can always learn from and probably, made you a better person after all. How was saying goodbye meant to you now as you grow more maturely? Is it something of a journey we all can gain perspectives of what is yet to come and cherished those that has passed?

When you are in the crossroad and the only option left is saying goodbye, how will you say yours?

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