Journey 195: A Tranquil LIFE

Just as we live each day, with much passion to be better and become the inspiration of many, one can always find solace and peace in the tranquility of flowing water cascading on moss-filled stones. This is the tranquility that life wants to make us understand. No matter what, however way we can, life when it journeys through rough stones, bends and ebbs on shortly before a free-fall, we experience challenges and trials to learn, never to unlearn. It is through this that we liken living to a state of tranquil river that flows continually. We may wade our hands through it, trying our best to block its natural flow, make a reservoir for it, contain it, but still, the flow never stops, it never ends. It continually pours down, hit on and flows farther down its path. Life is like that too. When we live each day, we never stop. People may hinder us from dreaming, they may caged our aspirations. They may hurt us to submission, they may always slander us to deter us from gaining momentum but no one stops LIFE when we choose to live it day by day. No man can ever stop anyone from dreaming, drifting on through life’s passages and learning on from its daily experiences. It is through it that one is polished to perfection and the rough edges are forever gone.

Similarly too, the rivers when it runs, it runs down, either too timidly or its flow faster than the usual pattern but that is how it should be. When the waters cascade down farther, everything it touches is polished though numerously, it hits it. Our challenges today, how many times it may have hit us are there to make us the better person we can all become. It renewed our sunken spirit and reinvigorates our ability to face another day. It simply, can be seen as a challenge when it comes but when it has already passed through us, something better, and something new arises. Our rough edges are not seen anymore. Even if one grasps our life and the manner we live our life, no one can anymore hurt us because we are cleansed already, prepared, pampered and made stronger to face any eventuality. Living is likened to water down the stream, or perhaps even the stones that are filled with moss or even the rough-edged stones along the way. We learn as we journey on. We live meaningfully further on when we learn to value the journey we took.

It is because when we are balanced internally; enlivened spiritually, renewed physically, that others will see in us the inspiration we so want to learn from others too. We become the channel of good, the embodiment of kindness and the source of inspired living. That is what the role of the moss on stones down the river bend. It fosters life through their strength. It engenders living the life one should be purposely doing while we can. Now, in this: When you seek a tranquil life, what are you? The water, the moss or the stones down the bend?

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