Journey 196: What lies ahead?

There are moments in our life that we think we can only take one step more and then another one then look beyond the horizon and ask: what truly lies ahead? We can never tell what is out there, except those that can be seen by our eyes and the expanse of life is untouchable and unreachable that even when we say we can be secure of our future, we can never be certain that it turn out the way we want it to be. Many times we ask: can I foretell what happens tomorrow? Can I know what will happen to me later? Can I be still here? Can I be there for you when marry? Can I be there for you when you give birth? These questions are what make us worry too much about the future. No one man can ever tell what lies ahead because only God provides the key to those events. Only God knows where our journey ends. Only God knows how we mend the ways before we reach the end. And only God knows we can carry on until the end.

Can I be with you just one for each day? This is one question I would rather choose to live by each day. This can be done and we can manage it day by day. If you are into a relationship, nurture it. Protect it and preserve it, give more trust than tryst, more respect than suspect and more compassion than passion. Each relationship we keep is one that will bind us from here until eternity. Each person that comes to us comes into our lives for a purpose and reason. No one is given unto us for nothing, but they are there to teach us who we truly are and what we can better appreciate in the art of loving, in the art of moving on, and in the art of dying.

Certainly, one can only look at the horizon as a couple and take each hand, walk one step at a time and then just be certain we are there for each other each day. We can never tell when our journey ends but those good memories are what keep us alive. It paves the way for us to better understand life, to also better understand our better-half. We may live life the way we could but I tell you, living in the future is impossible but living today is just breathable and doable.

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