Journey 197: Hoping on Hope

Many chances we keep in our lives that we search for something far greater than what we already have and searches for deeper meaning to what has been unto us. Hoping for something better, I believe, is what mankind is so profoundly involved in. We always believed that our ability to face the future and live each day is anchored on our hope that tomorrow will be much better than today and way greater than yesterday. It is our ability too, to look beyond today and be optimistic that the light that comes through us tomorrow will brighter inside our hearts and within ourselves.

What made us wanting for more in life is our inability to appreciate what we already have. In this life, nothing is perfect. No perfect friends, family, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or partners. No perfect careers, vacation, office or even cars. Because we wanted something far greater and perfect, we are stressed to no ends and disappointments starts to creep out of us. It spills over to what we consider to be important to us at present – our careers, our loved ones, families and more so, those we hold materially. If we only learn to appreciate the simplicity of what life can bring then it will be less stressful and depressing.

We hope each day that ours will be better tomorrow but I believed that when you are able to appreciate what life has to offer today, there is no need to be hopeful for ourselves but we can be hopeful for others already. When we have what we have and appreciate it, then we do not want more than what we already have. Instead, we hope on hope of others. We hope that they too will be able to get to where we are and appreciate life. Our contentment defines the person that we are and it defines further, the character we so impressed on others. When we are contented with what we already have, we can hope, yes we always can but surely, it will not be anymore for us, but for those whom we know who still clings to their hopes that their lives will be better. By that, we nurture a contented heart that radiates to others who have seen us, our hopes and our life.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 197: Hoping on Hope

  1. thanks for making my pic a part of your blog wends.

    ingat. 🙂

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