Journey 198: The Greatest and Carefree Jump

Back when we are young, we take happiness literally. We are already content with the environment and the chances we took in having a great jump over rivers, seas and pools. We have such ordinary lives and yet we are happy. We have little to worry about, only the time the weather but more so, we value each time we took on the reins of our lives by journeying strongly on what makes us happy and what joy is it to have it spent with friends who knew us best. We have no inhibitions or fears but we sheer opportunity to make good of a life we feel our world at hand.

But when we are older enough, we shun that little happiness and aspire for more figuratively. We become happy with our fancy cars, our riches and our mansions. We never equate happiness with what we have less than what those whom we looked up to. We never feel content with what we already have instead, strive for more even if driving on makes us more disappointed than carefree. Even if what we value the most are those material stuffs we so easily discard when we get used to its usefulness. We never realized that what truly makes one happy is by looking deep inside their hearts, reclaim their childhood and make those jumps again, not literally but of course, figuratively. By so doing, we jump not for ourselves but we want others to be happy through us. Happiness is never felt alone; it can never be alone but should be shared.

The greatest and carefree jump while we are all grownups is those that characterize our human spirit to pass on kindness through us. It is one reason why we tend to offer help through our time, skills, ability and talents to wondrous and noble endeavours because we find happiness in simple things and the mundane. While the world tell us to be happy with what had been materialistically seen, we must also be happy with what we already have – great family, supportive friends, rewarding careers and much more, an abiding God.

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