Journey 199: We paddle on

We may be battered, undeterred we must paddle on. We may be hindered, unrestrained we must journey on. Our lives are made up of vignettes of experiences that sums up the person within us, not those that can be seen by the mere eye but those that symbolizes our own definition of being good, optimistic, carefree, independent and sincere. There are experiences that bow us down but our true humanity shall rise up again, free itself from the clutches of despair and soar to the new era where justice, truth, honesty and integrity are but part of our life’s core values.

There are certainly people who make us feel utterly submissive because they do not want to see us improve on ourselves and the way we live our lives. I have come across myriad of experiences that defines every moment I seize within me but I learn from those and paddle on. Their concerted efforts to pull me down or to douse me off is temporary attempt at my own liberty but sooner or later, I shall conquer their dreams and reclaim the life they so rob from me. Only God as my witness, the folly of man shall bow down again and the truth will be revealed. No one man can ever stop us from growing more maturely in our own pace, not only because we are hindered but because we live critically in His time, not ours.

Our life is lived on borrowed times. When we do good to others, being honest in our dealings with them then multiple blessings comes our way. When we do no harm to those who acts like our life’s waves, tossing us here and there, floating like tentacles from the depths of the sea, then we are far more blessed with wisdom and guidance too. When we are comforted by the tranquillity of the bay while we paddle on, our life is balanced the way we live it each day. We have made our journey on, we can never ask for little waves but we always carry on a strong arm and enliven spirit to paddle on. The waves are just waves wading us through life but the journey is never loss, at the onset, in fact, it just starts to get better.

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