Journey 201: Humility down the Road

When suddenly our life hits a snag, you tend to reflect what had been wrong and had gone through that made it what it is. Perhaps, we have to unlearn what we had so learned throughout and to accept what has been there which, even to some minimal standards, are incomprehensible but life are full of surprises and unexpected narrow roads and turns, curves and alleyways. Like a child trying to cross down a huge road, we shall overcome. We overcome the fear that something might come across and hit us, or has actually came across and has actually hit us already. These are part of life as we journey on. We have never been far blessed to live our lives with friends and family so when our life hits a snag, be humble and pray down the road.

Just as we try each day to be of inspiration to others, may it be our friends, family, loved ones, lovers and just ordinary strangers, we find deeper meaning of life and our journey down the dusty road. Each day, we find meaning as to who we truly are, what principles we stood for and what we have fought for in the name of truth, justice, accountability and yes, love. We live to love and love to live. I emphasize it because then there is love, the truth, justice and accountability are also nearby. When we love our nation, our interests are just secondary to what the entire people who relied on us need much more expected from us. When we love our family, their interests are far more important now than ours. When we love our husband or boyfriend, wife or girlfriend, or partner, our union and avowed interests in the conjugal sense, even to some extent, only in the minds and hearts, are what is important over our own independence and freedom because we agreed to be free and independent together.

Our humility at life’s challenges demands the constancy of spirited kindness, understanding, sincere repentance and the granting of forgiveness, at the company of friends and family who mattered to us. We have made our lives most relevant and an inspiration to many because we remained bowed down at the demands of living and life. One can never appreciate the essence of life when his head is above the clouds but one can influence others and his thoughts when he is humble, in mind, heart and spirit.

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