Journey 202: At the end of the Tunnel

Certainly, all of us have our own kind of problems which ranges from relationships to financial difficulties, from work to careers, schooling and studying, learning and unlearning, vices and hindrances. We have been battered each with the tempestuous repetition, problems after problems, challenges after challenges, and trials after trials but do we need to let go? No, I do not think letting go will ever be the solution. We may be at the farthest end of the rope, hanging on for dear life, but the prize of living more each day, waking up renewed in both mind and spirit, coupled with our determination to survive, then alas, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

In the constancy of support from great and loyal friends, unstinting foresight to move out of the tunnel towards the light, one will be victorious, reborn and reinvigorated to walk another little step further down the road and leaving trails for others to follow and tread. We may have journeyed in utter darkness inside the tunnel of our lives but what we can be reassured of is that at the end, with friends holding on to us, we see the light, such light that illuminates our spirit to also reach out for another, reach out for those who had been with us in our situation and to those who had been stuck behind. Our sheer determination to reach the end of the tunnel and seeing the light, embracing it and living by it will surely be one that is also the source of inspiration among many behind us. Somehow, there are countless others who fear that moving farther will mean more aches, trials, challenges and pains but as we live our lives through it, we muster the courage to get off where we had been stuck and show to them that they too can always get to where we are, embrace the light we have so embraced and live their lives as an inspiration for others.

In our journey, we may be stuck for a while, but that is only a momentary pause, to ponder on what is next ahead. To decide whether the effort to reach out and finding meaning of our own lives will be worth living and sharing what we had been. When we have so choose to take on the journey farther and reached the light, then surely, our battles had been won and the embracing will be much felt, made more significant and made meaningful not only for us, but for those who rely on us to show them that there are always options to move on and unlearning where we had stuck and start walking farther on.

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