Journey 203: I Pray for JAPAN

Having seen the utter devastation of Japan by 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami afterwards sent shivers to my spine and made me reflect on how we can better respond to an immense disaster such as those that has happened today. We have seen it, felt it, scared by it and prayed for it.

My prayers go to the Japanese friends I keep in my journey to Osaka in 2009 and the kindness of Japanese friends who made me become who I am today.

Dear Lord

Your powers are immense, proved greater than us
You showed us that nature, awed us, overwhelm us
That your power will only be the constant reminder
That our vulnerability, our humanity is forever threatened
Each day, each month, each year, if we only pray further for others.

I pray for my friends who were caught in the middle of the disaster
Tokyo, Sindai and others, hold them in your arms
Shield them from potential aftershocks and always abide by them
Make them stronger amidst these tragedies, and more so,
Guide them to safety and their loved ones, at peace.

I pray that today will be a constant reminder to all of us
That our world is not what we see it does and seemed.
The time is ticking away, that when we are bound in prayers, no amount of disaster
Can break our spirit and humanity
I trust Lord that you will shower upon Japan your most gracious blessings
and nurture embraced.


I invite everyone who reads my blog to offer a minute of silence and pray for our brothers and sisters who passed away in the disaster that hit Japan today. May their spirit rest in Peace and that God will forever strengthen all of us to be united behind the efforts of the Japanese government to cope up with this disaster.

神は日本を安全および安全常に保つ。 140年の最も大きい災害である神は彼の従う優美および愛で永久にそれらを保つ。 強い日本がありなさい!

(Translation: God will always keep Japan safe and secure. This may be the biggest disaster in 140 years but God will forever keep them in His abiding grace and love. Be strong Japan!)

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2 thoughts on “Journey 203: I Pray for JAPAN

  1. gretchen

    yes it was so devastating to watch it on tv … the philippines was never spared with these kind of calamities especially those living near the seashore … pls pray for the souls of all Japanese friends we have in Japan … God protect us the Philippines … 🙂

  2. Gretchen, thank you my friend. Yes, let us not never forget 3/11/11 as the darkest day in Asia and Japan. I pray for them and the entire nation.

    Thank you for you comments my friend.

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