Poem 110: My Letter to God

Dear God,

There was a time, I felt losing it was the solution
Trying to think rationally but my mind is clouded, shrouded by questions
Why Me? What they have done? How could they?
But the matters rest peacefully in your Hands
You guided me through my darkest hour
With friends and family, angels near and far
Comforting me, crying with me, felt my pains,
Hear my thoughts and fought with me…

I said, I have lived enough already
But You said, “who said so?
No man can give his time his own time,
I, the Lord give it”.
I ponder it through,
Move on and though scarred, coping by and on
Life’s journey I press on

I never ask the questions why
But says why not give it a try?
Life’s challenges are there, stones, boulders, mountains
Not to stop me, but to make me climb over, move them over, win them over
The battle has begun and I won
Life is sweetest Lord in your time, not mine.

– Wendell Glenn Cagape (March 11, 2011)

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2 thoughts on “Poem 110: My Letter to God

  1. I can emphatize with you…. My chinese friend once told me this “YOU CAN’T HAVE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, BUT IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE SOMETHING, SAVOUR IT SLOWLY”

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