Poem 111: Land O Promise

Land o promise, land o promise,
How can it be? How can it be?
When all are taken away!
When lives are shelved as if it is awry;
When women are murdered in haze daylight,
O land promised, how it be?

People are peopling its shores,
Muslims, Christians and Lumad at the fore;
Mingling, living, sharing, harmonious and free.

Tis land promised has been raped, ravaged
By the very people lording o’er its shore;
People peopling are scared, living in fear, hiding- not a word;
Justice and injustice are same, same old injustices made
Nothing change, nothing change, no, never will change

Never believe in dreams, all dreams vanished in land o promise;
Wars, scream, fear, hatred, hunger, ignorance and power
Landscaped its beauteous hills and valleys, o promised;
If life be tis, o promise land, land o promise will wait
Eternity forbids us joy and peace.

– Wendell Glenn Cagape (2010)

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