Journey 204: Just as when honesty and trust is built

There are moments in our lives, whether in relationships, marriage, work and career that the tests for trust and sacrifices surfaces to test the strength of the ones involved. It can either make them stronger or break them to asunder. There are finer details that are best understood than hidden. The most utmost respect one can give to anyone is to be utterly open and honest, no matter what. Lies and half-truths does not justify anything but heightens the doubts that clouds everyday of your moments together. When you start hiding something, it therefore generates mistrust and foster inequitable, lopsided rendering of respect and much more, fosters false truth. Just as when honesty and trust is built on the solid mould of relationships, unions and agreements, one must, at all cost, strive to fight temptations, here and there. There are temptations of self-aggrandizement, of self-promotion, of self-selling and of self-centered ill-motives that drives the other party off to oblivion.

When you have entered into such a union, whether for good and for life or for momentary blissfulness, one must assure the other of their unquestionable trust and honesty. When one attempts to be unreasonable because of tell-tale signs, one cannot even complain because there are reasons for it. When hiding things, events and stuffs starts, lies and lying is never too far away. It follows that when you start to hide things and events in any union or relationships you are into, then it only shows that you are weak in both trust and understanding, insincere and incapable of telling and living with the truth. When you are into such a situation that you foster love and understanding, build it on trust and truth. Never allow that the TRUST you shared so much to each other will be replaced by RUST because you also omitted the “T” in it which is based on TRUTH.

Just as we grow together in our unions, marriages, relationships and loves, let us be reminded that ours is something God-sent. One can never tell why it has to happen but rather, one must only understand why it does happened. There are reasons and purposes for such and those to happen. Perhaps, it’s a reminder that the moment we are into such blessed unions, we are there bound to love and never hurt. When you started to lie and put-off at it because you wanted your lies to be the truth, it never justifies any love at all. In fact, it destroys love at the very core and at the onset. One must all-together work how to sustain a relationship, union or marriage based on honesty and truth, trust and faithfulness.

Honesty and truth is like standing on a cliff with so much tranquility and grace but lies is similar to those nasty and rowdy waves hitting the stones off the cliff. One can never too near the bluff, it kills.

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