Journey 205: God bless our broken Road

While holding on you, I am reassured that ours was something we can relished one day in the future and proudly say that we had been there, conquered life and lived it, spanning months even to a year, that ours is something we can be proud of. Amidst the backdrop of living each day and the assurance that each day brings another promise that we can become better than yesterday, I pledged that you and I will be the new us, the renewed us, and the strengthened us. We can forever conquer that day, where our lives’ paths crossed. It will forever be one that defines us, by our own standards, not theirs or of others.

One of the beauties of living is in the art of believing that one day, we can become the best person, emerging from our own old selves. We are likened to a cocoon, that out of its undefined contours, a majestic creature emerges and flies off to the heavens, seeing the world freely, seeing it how it has made us as a person, seeing our friends and families into the best refuge, seeing places we had never been and seeing opportunities to also inspire others. Ours is one that will forever be in our hearts, no matter the distance, no matter the toil, no matter the pains, no matter the things we might have loss: it is one that has defined us, reassuring us that we had been changed, for the better.

In the lives of many people in society, there are moments we can see that defines them. One of these are moments where we meet friends and strangers, inspiring them and making them the best gems we can keep for our lifetime. They became our north star, something that we can always get direction to get back at where we are and with open arms, embraced us for even, including the mistakes we have done. We have had the best opportunity to make ourselves the best person and one of them is certainly, within our reached.

Many times too, we have availed of ourselves the happiness we see all around and coupled with it is the loneliness we now feel. It is one that will be reassured in us, forever. The bonds that tied us will not be broken nor is the link be cut. It is thus, made longer now because we are far from each other but all the rest, it sends us the happiness each day.

Ours resembles the huge rock amidst the sea. We are stronger together amidst our challenges and trials that come our way. We have had lived to be as majestic as this rock because God is at the core of our being. We are like this rock, unmoved, determined to change, fighting off life’s waves and moving on. We are this rock, which made us the best we could ever become because we shared something no other can ever also share.

As we certainly moved on, we avail of all the opportunities to become the best each day. The friendship will remain to be at the onset, our key to each other. The memory of those will keep us alive for as long as we hold on to ourselves, the best gift, which is love and respect, trust, compassion and understanding. As we journeyed on, may God bless our broken road. Until we see each other again, I will forever be missing you and I know when God blesses our broken road, it will lead me to you.(3/24/2011)

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