Journey 206: Ang Tsinelas (The Slippers)

Just as when we live our lives, we fit into big and small shoes or perhaps, in this case, slippers. We have made ourselves the best example of what we can achieve in our lifetime and in our efforts of doing so, we gained perspectives of life, of living and of moving on and coping up. This is the cycle one has to endure for the rest of our lives because we have walked the path that others have not, we have journeyed on together, looking at the world in one eye and touching it with one hands, painting its colors and making for ourselves the opportunity that one day, ours will be the greatest gift to keep for the rest of our lives.

When we breathe each day, we come into who we are and what we had become of ourselves. We made for us, a legacy that no one can ever even ask or perhaps understand. When we stand on some crucial decisions in life, we manifested our unified strength to fight on, lead a happy life, with us and our families and friends. When we were made to count our blessings, we have so many. We have had the best journey together, that one day, our paths shall be intertwined, maybe not in this world but in the other to continue this path we took in the slippers we wear.

The slippers symbolize our own foothold on the earth. I had been, as I told myself repeatedly; only use the smallest slipper I can find. It is because the bigger ones are too heavy to bear, too cumbersome to wear and too ironically, uncomfortable to take on the journey. My slipper is the one, even if worn out already, makes me the best person I can become. I had come into my being who I am because of the humility I gained from wearing my life around my slippers. It is just majestic that for the past days, months and years, we lived so intertwined.

Life has to take on its path in this journey and the slippers remind us that in our journey to wherever our paths bring us, we have companions, friends, partners, lovers, families who are ready to walk side by side us, love us unconditionally and make every effort to understand us the more. We have made it already in this path so we either hold on to our poor little worn out slippers as we go on or walk barefoot, to feel the earth. I have chosen already and thus, to preserved my slippers, I will forever walk barefoot however, on my shoulders are our slippers, carrying us through life.

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