Journey 207: Just as we do, we go.

Just we hear the song of The Script, “Rusty Halo”, we abide by the song even as to our lives. We have had all the chances to keep the memories intact in our hearts and mind, body and soul, so we must keep it. I have embraced the thought that everyone of us, living in this world have our own stories to tell and to perhaps, share to others. We have diverse experiences that define us as a person and with that, it separates us from the rest. We have our lives and we will make it simple hence. Making it too complicated will only bring nothing but frustrations, disappointments, blame, disbelief and utter disregard for whoever we are. When we are born into this world, we had nothing on so to speak, ergo, we must, at all cost, make our lives even simpler. The moment we meet strangers and they become friends, we treasure them. No matter what their station in life is or perhaps, how we came to know them, we can never pass judgment on those what they have done. We can never put a “STOP” to our lives altogether because we have not understood them. We owe it to ourselves to be fair and forgiving, unrelenting in the search for better solutions to the ills than to ruin life altogether.

Today, even more, we are pressed to ourselves and felt our hearts that there are more to gain in living than in surrendering. As long as we so live our lives, we can have all the chances to change for the best. Our halo will remain spotless if we do change and mend our ways. We have had been in various situations, financial turmoil, emotional backlash, environmental changes and many others but it only gives us the better chance to forgive us for ourselves, our limitations, our own shortcomings and misjudgements. No one will ever be entitled to anything in this world save for their rusty halo. We have our own issues and those of others, what is important is that we are here to continually inspire them, lead them to a better life and always be the right role model for them.

Our rusty halo needs constant polishing, yes we do need it. Our halo is one that represents our own humanity, our own soul, our own ability to see the right from wrong and to lead a changed life henceforth. One can never be too complacent that because, even in their rusty halos, they can get by at life without any feeling of guilt for what have been the mistakes because they never learn from them. We owe, again, to ourselves that while we still can, get back at life, rise up, move on, and be a better man. No one in this world will ever be interested in your worries and no one in the world will ever care of your misgivings but only one, the one within yourself that cares to make the first move towards a new day. Indeed, a new day, a new journey.

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