Journey 208: Overcoming bitterness

In all walks of life, we are experiencing situations that will make us bent our anger and frustrations, disappointments and pains thus making us bitter to ourselves, to those whom we worked with, those whom we trusted and loved, those whom we cared deeply and those whom we mattered to most sincerely. Such were situations that demand more of our own humility and our ability to accept things that cannot be in the first place. We have had all the opportunity to rise up, move on, inspire more towards a better life and make things happen again, albeit, more cautious this time.

Even in love, people get hurt most of the time, felt used and pained and then becomes bitter. Bitterness in all relationships is the one that hinders one from progressing really into another more promising opportunity to touch lives. When we are betrayed, faulted, pained, and robbed of our opportunity to love more, then slow down, reflect and mend. It is only through it that life will regain its meaning and your foothold will forever be anchored on your own humanity. Your self-absorbed anger, pains, disappointments and frustrations will be eased out and replaced with internal peace, contentment, happiness and rebirth.

When you are in such situations, never ever played it down too normally. We are real human beings, we are never fake. We cannot fake our feelings, our thoughts and our actions. We can perhaps make some enhancements to the parts of the body that needs repair but attitude, disposition and thoughts can never be faked. When you felt pained and missing someone, cry. When you felt betrayed, ponder on. When you felt used, be grateful. When you felt left out of the loop, again, reflect. Certainly, these situations and experiences have many more opportunities for you to grow emotionally, psychologically and more so, spiritually.

By overcoming bitterness, one must be self-aware of its own ability to accept things that are non-negotiable. That is when lies becomes truth and the truth are based on lies, then wake up, move on and gain rebirth. When you are pained, momentarily reflect why the tears has been falling and why your hearts heaved. Understanding the “whys” and never ask the “hows” will make the process of overcoming bitterness speedier and God-spirited. Just open your hearts, let go of those hurts and frustrations, be strong, gain strength in God and move on. Around the bend are more and more opportunities for a better life. We are never here to judge the outcome of the future when we are still stuck in our past while sulking on our inability to move on in the present.

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One thought on “Journey 208: Overcoming bitterness

  1. gretchen

    yes its true in most cases its best to uplift everything to our Creator … while its true that the problems we carry are heavy or light our Lord and God knows whats best for us … coz HE is our God knowing all … 🙂

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