Journey 209: Being the North Star

The biggest star one get to see at night is what we can call the North Star which leads anyone further on their destination with an unimaginable precision and speed. It was the same star used by the Three Kings in locating the manger and still, is widely used by many voyagers here and there. The stillness of the night reminds us that our day’s toil has to end and we need to completely reflect on what has been achieved and done, not entirely for us and ourselves only but also to those who relied on us so much.

We give inspiration to those whom we can always refer to as the best people who came into our lives, friends, strangers, seatmates in a plane going home, or the person next to our seat in the train. Everyone that comes into our lives has its own purpose and reason. They come and go, yes but what is practically important is that when they come, be an inspiration and be inspired also, when they are gone, be willing to accept and learn from their coming not their goings. When we are able to appreciate our north star in the people who came into our lives, our journey towards self-acceptance, self-reflection and self-contentment is thus secured.

Our north star is a person, perhaps loved ones who provide us the direction and the destination. They join us in our journey until we reach our destination. They unquestioningly put-up with our stubbornness and our mistakes but never judge. They accepted us for our shortcomings and want to succeed in our plans. They supported us by valuing us more on our good than on our worse. They see us through because we have known something best in us not the worse in us. They believed because we need them to, to make our journey meaningful. They have faith in us in our journey especially when we lost it in ourselves.

Our journey too has so many stumbling blocks that needed to be overcome and made ours to conquer. Many are momentary and others perhaps became permanent because we choose not to move on but stuck in the block. They will take our lives, even in the simplest slip off.

By giving inspiration, we instantaneously became the North Star of someone. When we are inspired by them, they are our North Star too. In life’s journey, how do you do? Like a North Star or the stumbling block that needed to be overcome?

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2 thoughts on “Journey 209: Being the North Star

  1. gretchen

    wends pls gawa mo na ang coffee table book … will look forward to that … and yes will not only buy one but more coz i also want to share ur book to others … u know theres one thing i like in ur blogs … u never fail to mention God of what He is and has done to u or me or others … thats why i fall in love with ur writings … more power to u and God bless u … 🙂

  2. thank you so much Gretchen. I will surely write the coffee table book soonest.

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