Journey 210: Left to rot

Everyone of us have experiences that will define us as a person and will forever give us the reputation for the rest of our lives. There are many who have well-lived, well-apportioned and well-guided lives while there are others too, who live in utter hopelessness, despair, pains, misguidance and worse, poverty. One can always be someone in their lives while we dream but when we wake up each morning and live the day, let us be the stewards of what has been given unto us and be an inspiration. We can never be the pot-maker who let his jars to rot, the clays nothing worthy of any penny but grasses welcome them in their embrace.

When we have experiences that will define us, grab it and live it well. When we have friends and loved ones who came into our lives, inspire them and lit their lives. When we are destined for somewhere off, stay in the middle and take everyone in your wings. When we are on a journey towards self-enlightenment and embracing what life has to give, embrace everyone and ourselves.

Sometimes, when we are confronted with what is right and wrong, we misconstrued our definitions of life. We distort what is right and wrong because we only feel how it is to live. We think that life is too short to not enjoy the wrongs and misdemeanour. We always say that life is too short to even think seriously at how it can have the ability to make our clock stop.

Just as when you are a potter or the pot, whichever you decide for yourself and unto others, will have its own repercussions from herein to eternity. Everything we do here on earth will always have its own repercussions in the future. Our lives when we get to live it, resembles the best opportunity to grow and inspire others. Just as when you are the potter, do you allow your pots to rot? Will you instead polish them, put them in the pedestal and as the days aged, their value increases. Just as when you are a pot, will you just allow yourself to rot because you were dump wherever you are at the moment? Will you instead take life at its horns, control it, live it well, live righteously and move on. For one, whether we are the Potter or the pots, we have a role to play. We have the sole responsibility for our lives the way we want to live it and the way others will forever see us.

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