Journey 211: Of Goodwill Hunting

In our times and days where people are rude, inconsiderate and arrogant, one can always sought the goodwill of strangers and those who are around in our lives. We can never stoop ourselves to the level of “kindness deficit” because we became bitter with what others have done unto us. Surely, when the going gets tough, we are still our own selves, endowed with the determination to change for the better, be kind to others and willingly pass kindness on.

Just as when I was subjected to so much humiliation from those whom I worked, even attempting to expunge my integrity and reputation by banning that my name be mentioned in so many graduations they have attended, I never felt incomplete. For one, I am who I am and no matter how they admonish everyone not to speak of my name again, I will, as I had been, resurrect to where I was and because of the goodwill I sow in others, will forever be on a constant company of great friends. It’s lamentable that people will be so utterly threatened by me that not even a mention of my name in public is allowed. I just told myself that one day soon, when friends remained friends and loyally rally behind our common dream for the poorest of the poor that redemption will be for the truth-seeker. I stand by the truth of which I knew and they were liars out to prey on my ability to remain calm, compose, humbled and determined to serve the people whom I have come into.

My goodwill hunting remains to be of an exciting journey. When I took the bus going to where I am at the moment, strangers offer me seats; talk sporadically, shared ideas and wisdom. An old man even offered me his time-honoured wisdom of making it out to a farm on an early day. A mother smiled at me when her son was crying because the little boy was afraid of strangers. A young lady at the top of her life going home from school. A lady whose self-less service to me in one of the eateries I frequented. In fact, I met two former officemates of my late father and they told me how kind my late father was to them and that they were inspired by his life. As a son, even at my most pressing situation, I will always find happiness wherever I am. I find happiness in every new face I encounter and hug strangers who needs me in their lives.

Just as when we journey through life, one can find the usefulness of roadmaps and road markers. Similarly, in life, one can always seek refuge from the goodwill of strangers and others who came into our lives. It is when we rely on them that we gain meaning into what is living after all.

Such goodwill hunting is imperative for a well-live life. Living on the kindness of strangers and sharing ourselves the most to whom others have lesser knowledge of who we are is one precious gift. We can forever be indebted to their random acts of kindness that we are also being moulded into the best, never perfect, but the best person we can become. When we shared of ourselves for others, no matter how our detractors demean us, we shall overcome.

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